When to book the cheapest overseas vacations and get the best hotel deals around the world



Further changes in travel restrictions with the phasing out of PCR testing in favor of cheaper side flow checks will help reduce the cost of overseas travel.

This is the latest piece of good news for anyone considering an escape after months of strict Covid regulations.

With earlier changes this month also simplifying banned travel destinations into a single red list, the latest move is expected to give the travel and tourism industry a boost.

Hotel reservation platform hoo analyzed the cost of hosting on six continents throughout the year to reveal which month is the most affordable option regardless of the destination.

On average, the cheapest month to book a hotel is € 86 per night in March, compared to € 98 per night in September.

South / Central America

At £ 49 per night in June, South America presents the most affordable continent of any continent when it comes to hotel reservations, while January is the most expensive month to get there at £ 57 by night.

However, of the seven countries that remain on the red list, five are located in South or Central America – Colombia, Ecuador, Panama, Peru, and Venezuela – so it’s probably best to stay seated before you book. .


At just £ 72 per night, the cheapest time to visit Asia is in June, while heading to the mainland in January will see the cost soar to £ 85 per night.


Traveling to Africa in February or March will be the cheapest to book a hotel (£ 73 per night), while December is the most expensive time to stay on the continent (£ 81 per night).


Going to Europe in September will set you back £ 120 a night to stay in a hotel – the most expensive month of the year. Adjusting the time of your trip to February, that cost drops to just £ 96 per night – the second biggest saving of any continent between the most and cheapest month (- £ 23 per night).

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The cheapest month to book a hotel on the Pacific Ocean continent is October at £ 102 per night compared to £ 111 in the most expensive February.

North America

Finally, those going to the US will find the cost of a hotel at its lowest in February at £ 110 per night now. That’s £ 47 cheaper per night than the most expensive September – the biggest drop in the average room rate across six continents.

Hoo co-founder Adrian Murdock said: “October looks set to give the tourism and travel industry a double-edged boost, with a streamlined redlist already reducing uncertainty and confusion while removing the requirement of PCR testing will also significantly reduce costs for the average vacationer.

“Although we’ve highlighted the most and least affordable months to book a hotel, in some cases you can still save up to £ 20 per night just by adjusting the timing of your vacation by around a month. Savings that can really add up over a week or two of vacation.

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