Everyone benefits when they find a way to save money. Booking hotels for a vacation or business trip can come at a high price, which can be daunting for some. Knowing how to shop and find the best deals saves you money, allowing you to spend that extra cash on your vacation. Use these tips if you want the best deals that will save you money and improve your experience.

Speak directly to the hotel

When trying to book a hotel, calling them directly has its advantages. For example, speaking with someone locally ensures that you get all your essential questions answered and the comfort of knowing that your hotel is booked with your needs in mind. As a bonus, you often get a lower rate when you book through the hotel itself and not a third party. By booking directly at the Marriott Providence, you will indeed have a wonderful experience.

Consider getting a corner room

There are so many rooms available in hotels that it is difficult to know which room you will get. Luckily for you, hotel chains recently let the public know a little secret. Ask for a corner room. Staff revealed that corner rooms have more square footage and better views. Surprisingly, there is no additional cost involved. The extra space your room provides makes your stay even more comfortable. Now that you know about the corner room, it’s best to be discreet when asking for an upgrade at reception, just in case.

Use booking sites

If you don’t have time to call and speak with the hotel, you have other options. Thanks to the internet, it is now easier to find great ways to save money on hotels. Booking sites have earned a reputation for finding some of the best deals. These sites offer customers a variety of discounts at reasonable prices. Some sites even allow you to browse and see hundreds of offers at your fingertips. When you book on their site, they can help you make payment at the hotel of your choice.

If you can’t make your trip, they make it easy to cancel. Go to the web page, enter your information, go to cancellations and once you click cancel you are done. Be careful. Some hotels charge cancellation fees. There is also a cancellation option via the email you used to book your hotel.

Be nice to the clerk

You should always try to be nice, especially to your receptionist. Working with the public is not always the easiest job. Having the Desk Agent by your side is a great way to upgrade your room, get a late checkout, and do several other things. The hotel employee is the one you want on your side at the end of the day. They can make or break your hotel experience.

Tipping is another way to show your kindness to hotel staff. It makes their day brighter; they appreciate your generosity and will provide you with impeccable service throughout your stay.

Join their loyalty program

It may seem silly to sign up for hotel loyalty programs for a stay, but they often come with perks that make it worthwhile. Loyalty clubs are usually free and don’t take long to set up, and you get access to bonuses that are only available to loyal hotel members.

Choosing a hotel will take time and effort with all the options available no matter where you go. The internet is your friend these days, making it easy to find hotels and ensuring you find one that suits your needs. Take advantage of the advice provided and make the most of your stay.

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