Travelers planning future trips flood quarantine hotel bookings in Canada


With Canada’s mandatory hotel quarantine rules now in effect for travelers, the Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC) said the government-authorized hotel reservation number operated by Global Business Travel (GBT ) receives a high volume of requests, which creates long wait times for callers. .

However, it appears that the majority of these calls are not from people who are currently trying to enter Canada, but rather from people who want to cover their bases in the near future.

PHAC spokesperson Eric Morrissette told Daily Hive that a “significant portion” of calls received on the reservation line were from people inquiring about future hotel reservations, especially for March. and April.

“Travelers should not call to book a government-authorized hotel as they plan to travel in the future,” he said.

The only people who should call the number, he said, are those scheduled to fly to Canada within 48 hours of their call, after which they can book and pay for their three-night layover at the hotel. .

Morrissette said PHAC and GBT are working together to “alleviate caller wait times and support people arriving in Canada in the coming days and needing to book a hotel room.”

To give an idea of ​​recent call volume, Morrissette said GBT received 20,000 calls on February 19, 15,000 calls on February 20 and 10,000 calls on February 21.

The average wait time to reach an agent is now around two hours, and the time to complete a transaction after a call is answered is around 20 minutes.

Regarding hotel reservations, Morrissette said that last Sunday 2,227 rooms had already been booked by April, including 1,492 in February alone, so far.

For those who cannot book a hotel room by the time they arrive in Canada, Morrissette said airport officials “will assist all travelers who have not been able to book their government-authorized accommodation.”

Overall however, “Canadians are strongly advised to cancel or postpone any non-essential travel plans outside of Canada for the foreseeable future,” he said.

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