Three apps to get the best last minute hotel deals


Last minute hotel deals were once hard to come by, but not anymore. Thanks to major advancements in reservation and inventory technology, hotels can be much smarter in the way they manage their rooms each night. The result? Many of these efficiencies are passed on to customers. Not only can guests now wait until the eleventh hour to book their stay, these three apps will actually reward you for doing so. Why would you still want to plan ahead?

My flights concierge for company managers, Oyster of yesteryear, saw the direct benefits of this move towards last minute booking as well, as we do for flights what these companies do for hotels: offer last minute business class flights at 30-60% less than buy directly from airlines. It’s just good business sense. As consumers want more flexibility in their purchases, you can expect last minute services like these to pop up across industries.

Hotel Tonight (iPhone / Android)

HotelTonight’s modus operandi is very simple: they only offer hotels they would like to stay in. With 15,000 properties in more than 35 countries across the Americas, Europe and Australia, they clearly achieve a price-quality balance that consumers appreciate. Also, since they were one of the first last minute hotel services in the area, they had time to sort out the issues and provide some pretty impressive service, which is being overdriven by Aces, their concierge. in-app hotel hotel that acts like your own personal Siri. Aces’ chat feature allows you to ask for advice on a great place to dine, additional amenities for your room, and activities in the area. The Aces network is also expanding to other HotelTonight users, creating a collaborative community with a jaw-dropping response time of just 23 seconds.

HotelQuickly (iPhone / Android)

HotelQuickly is all about size and speed. With over 20,000 hotels in its inventory spanning the Asia Pacific region, the app really shines for travelers looking for a more flexible schedule. While HotelQuickly allows you to book rooms up to a year in advance, the best hotel deals are usually found on the day of your stay, when the app prepares deals for all of its destinations and offers the guarantee. of the lowest price. You can book a room until 4 a.m. for check-in that evening, which is perfect if your flight is arriving late or you’re at a dead end.

A night (iPhone / Android)

Night begins at 3 p.m. At least that’s what One Night claims, their slogan directly supporting their model of only offering same-day reservations. The app’s beautifully image-based interface and assortment of attractive luxury hotels look similar to HotelTonight, although their hotel offering is considerably more organized. What is the reason for the stricter curation? One Night is operated by Standard International, the parent company of trendy Standard hotels, and their selection shows it. In addition to all of the Standard properties, One Night has hand-selected other properties based on their approach to design and lifestyle experiences, resulting in a deliberately limited but very appealing user experience. If you like what you get at a One Night hotel – maybe SIXTY SoHo, pictured above – you’ll probably like what you get from each of them. Although their properties are currently only available in Austin, LA, Miami and New York, One Night assures that they will be adding more cities throughout the year.

Technology in the travel space is changing rapidly, so expect these apps to pivot and scale in the months and years to come. We’ve already seen HotelTonight, which started offering strictly same-night (One Night) bookings in 2011, expand to a seven-day booking window, a decision many hoteliers haven’t. appreciated. While One Night has explicitly stated that they have no plans to do the same, only time will tell if they choose the same path of expansion.

One thing is certain. As Airbnb’s continued growth puts increasing pressure on hotels around the world, creative solutions like these last minute booking apps will only thrive.


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