The Hotel Deals app simplifies booking

Whether you’re already at the airport or considering your options at a local restaurant, one of the most frustrating parts of using smartphone apps to book a hotel at the last minute is all the information you you have to type, with the inevitable typos and multiple screens to navigate.

But the new free iPhone app, Hotel Deals by, which has been one of the best products released by parent company Travelocity in years, breaks new ground by making the process of finding and booking hotels easier.

The Hotel Deals app lets travelers book 3-, 4-, and 5-star hotels tonight, tomorrow, or the day after in 36 U.S. cities for up to seven days for what Travelocity promises discounts of up to 55% off rates published. .

And Travelocity, which says hotels can optionally load mobile-exclusive deals into the app, markets hotels in two ways: one, you know the hotel’s identity and rate in advance, and the other is semi-opaque in that you know the price in advance, but only find out the name of the hotel after you book for bigger savings.

One of the main ways makes the booking process easier is through a one-page checkout screen that automatically fills in your name, address, email address and phone number, to which the app accesses from your iPhone’s address book, then you can automatically scan your credit card using the iPhone or iPad’s camera.

The auto-scan process is simple and eliminates the need to enter all those numbers, although you still have the option of manually entering your credit card number. Even if you use the auto-scan feature, you still need to enter the expiration date and credit card security code.

Unlike Hotel Tonight’s mobile apps, which pioneered last-minute hotel reservations with just a few clicks,, for security reasons, does not store the credit card number, so you must scan the card automatically or fill it in manually. in numbers, every time.

On the other hand, the Hotel Deals app has several advantages:

  • Unlike Hotel Tonight, you can book a hotel deal using the Hotel Deals app for the same night early in the morning and you don’t have to wait until noon for the rates to load.
  • This makes the hotel search process easier. You don’t need to manually enter check-in dates, just tap tonight, tomorrow, or the next day, then after reviewing hotel amenities and room types, just tap the check-in dates. departure and on a “book a room” button to finalize the transaction.
  • It contains verified guest reviews in full, which few hotel apps do.

When it comes to hotel deals, the app does indeed have some great deals.

For example, on September 20, he offered a king bed at the 4-star Heldrich Hotel and Spa in New Brunswick, NJ, for that night for a total rate, including taxes and fees, of $138.25. And that mobile deal was $40 cheaper per night than what, and even the Expedia app showed for the same property and date, although Expedia’s deal included two double beds instead of one a king size bed.

The app also features Top Secret Hotels, where you know the star rating and price of the property in advance, but only learn its secret identity later.

For example, on September 20, the app offered a 4-star property in downtown Boston, which it described as “similar to Hyatt, Hilton, and Westin,” for a total rate, including taxes and fees, of $266. .79 USD. On the other hand, “downtown” Boston is a little sketchy and you’ll need to fiddle with an accompanying map to better understand where the property is.

In contrast, Hotwire was offering a slightly better deal on an upscale 4.5-star property in Boston’s Quincy Market financial district for that night for a total rate of $264.56 including taxes and fees, or a few dollars less than the 4 star property available through the app.

Still, the Hotel Deals by app wins because of the hotel deals it offers and the super easy way you can navigate.

In addition to automatic credit card scanning, autofill functionality, and hotel user reviews displayed in full, another attractive feature is the crisp and clean way the app displays and describes amenities. of a hotel, including swimming pools, high speed internet or fitness facilities, for example.

You can check the hotel information at a glance and booking the property doesn’t take too much time.

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