The firm compiles data on short-term rentals in Fort Worth – Welcome to the city of Fort Worth

Posted on August 05, 2022

Earlier this summer, City staff selected a company to identify short-term rentals currently operating in the city.

Deckard Technologies Inc. has identified 68 legal short-term rental properties and 565 properties where potential illegal short-term rental use occurs. Over the past year, 814 properties were operated for short-term rentals, with over 2,400 listings.

See the final report.

An STR, sometimes referred to as a “vacation rental”, is a residential property available for rental for the accommodation of guests for a period ranging from 1 to 29 days. STRs exist in residential areas of Fort Worth, where they are not permitted.

What has happened so far?

Following the launch of a short-term rental webpage, the city of Fort organized two mobilization opportunities. The sessions are recorded on the City’s website and YouTube.

An additional tool used to collect feedback involves the use of the ThoughtExchange engagement platform. In their own words, respondents can answer the question: “What are your thoughts or concerns as the Council considers dealing with short-term rentals?” Participants can also classify the thoughts of others.

Residents still have the opportunity to attend City Council meetings and provide public comment. Sign up to speak at a meeting.

What happens next?

The city selects a company to provide registration and hotel occupancy tax collection for legal STRs, hotels and other lodging properties.

City Council will be briefed on listing and zoning options at a workshop meeting on August 16.

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