The best luxury accommodation off the beaten track in Japan


An intoxicating blend of avant-garde and deep-rooted tradition, Japan continues to appeal to travelers seeking an extraordinary experience. Whether it’s embarking on a trek through a towering mountain range or visiting an ancient city, Japan is a place where you can do it all.

And when it comes to accommodation, you might find yourself sleeping in a Buddhist temple one night and soaking in your own luxurious onsen the next. Japan offers the perfect blend of luxury accommodation and unconventional experiences. If your travel style is to think outside the box, you will love these places to stay in Japan.

KAI Beppu

KAI Beppu offers a contemporary take on the traditional hot spring experience. Located on Kyushu Island, the resort is by the sea and produces more hot spring water than any other resort in the country. Spend your days bathing in luxury baths and discovering the healing properties of tradition. With kaiseki dinners including a seafood platter and rooms with ocean views, you will leave Kai Beppu with a renewed body and mind.

Image: ocean view from Kai Beppu Source: Kai Beppu

Glaminka Sayo Village

Nestled between the mountains of Hyogo Prefecture, Glaminka Sayo is a hotel comprised of four beautifully renovated historic Japanese houses. Surrounded by countryside, this unique accommodation allows you to escape the hustle and bustle of modern life and experience what life would have been like in an ancient Japanese house. With clear night skies, peaceful walks, and gourmet cuisine, you won’t be rushing into your real life.

Image: Dinner at Glaminka Sayo Source: Supplied

Sasayuri Ann

If you need a little more motivation to get started in meditation, a private Japanese villa supervised by a traditional Shugendo monk might help. Establishing his residence in an authentic thatched-roofed Japanese mountain house over 200 years old, Sasayuri Ann’s combination of traditional features and modern comforts provides you with a truly unique experience. With room for up to ten guests, this is one to bring the group together.

Image: Taking time out in Sasayuri Ann Source: Supplied

Azumi Setoda

Azumi Setoda is a ryokan or Japanese bath hotel, located on the peaceful island of Setoda. Here you can admire the island’s citrus groves, mountains and secluded bays on a bicycle, or stroll across the road to the hotel’s Yabune public baths and enjoy a long lemon bath. Each luxurious bedroom has its own cypress tub and peaceful outdoor garden, creating the ultimate private retreat.

Image: A private bathroom at Azumi Setoda Source: Supplied

Fukuchiin Onsen

If just looking at the temples doesn’t quite satisfy your need for cultural immersion, why not stay one? Head south from Osaka to historic Koyasan to find Fukuchiin Onsen – a shukubo or temple that offers pilgrims and affluent tourists a place to rest. With your accommodation inside the temple grounds, you can truly immerse yourself in the conscious Buddhist traditions practiced in the temple and experience one of the most unique hotels in Japan.

Image: The garden of Fukuchiin Onsen Source: Supplied

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