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Thanks for the quick response Bev!

Yeah, I thought I’d start with the basics to see what kind of answers I got, but here’s some more meat for our story.

Just the two of us, late 40s/50s. No children or pets, just instruments (mostly stringed). Wifey’s work brings us from Canada and her offices are located in Vélizy-Villacoublay, hence the areas featured. We are a big fan of public transport but realize that we will probably need to have some sort of private transport as well, but we will definitely keep travel to a minimum, with WFH etc. The company helps us with immigration, but as my wife is Norwegian (I’m Scottish) we hope everything will be fine. They will also help us rent long-term accommodation until we are settled and have a better understanding of the system.

So our immediate need would be the type of housing highlighted above. I checked AirBNB, but as you mentioned, there aren’t many of them, so I was wondering if there were other search options.

Thanks for the link to FUSAC, I’ll check that out.

PS: We know how important language is – we’ve been working on it since it became a possibility in March – we’re both bilingual (Norwegian/English) and have lived in Russia, Malaysia and Thailand.

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