Short-term rentals discussed by city council today

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas – Corpus Christi city council will discuss a new ordinance on Tuesday that would seek to regulate short-term rentals.

This artillery is something new to us in Corpus Christi but has been implemented in San Antonio and Galveston.

Although it is in the development stage, there is already talk of what it could mean if approved.

“An ordinance like this really hits homeowners and private property rights that we have the opportunity to have a seat at the table,” said Elky Gonzalez, CEO of the Corpus Christi Association of Realtors.

Private property rights are the primary concern of Gonzalez and the 1,800 members of the Corpus Christi Association of REAL ESTATE AGENTS.

This is currently a concern when it comes to short term rentals.

“Right now, everyone who operates locally has basically no legal status,” said Roland Barrera, city councilor for District 3 of Corpus Christi.

The solution, according to Barrera, would be for the city to regulate these short-term rentals which could be listed on platforms like Airbnb, Vrbo among others.

“If someone wants to operate a short-term rental, they will have to register with the city,” Barrera said. “So that way we have a registry and it costs, I believe, $ 50 a year.”

Barrera says this is aimed at collecting revenue from what is considered a hotel tax and avoiding nuisance issues.

This is something the Association of Realtors says it supports as long as they are heard.

“The registration fee As long as it’s a limited fee, we want to work with the board to make sure it’s something that works for our owners,” Gonzalez said.

If you are a short-term rental property owner and want to learn more, Gonzalez advises you first to get involved and understand how you can be a good short-term tenant and follow the guidelines currently in place. square.

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