Seaside Heights considers age restriction on hotel rentals



Seaside Heights officials have said they are considering an ordinance that would set restrictions on the age required to rent a hotel or motel room.

Executives say it would be a way to tackle underage alcohol use and other summer nuisances. But local business owners say the restrictions could hurt their bottom line.

“It will affect us a lot, as we are primarily a seasonal hotel,” said a receptionist at Aztec Ocean Resort Motel who asked to be identified only as Joanne.

Seaside Heights Mayor Tony Vaz has said he wants to ban anyone under the age of 21 from renting a room unless they are accompanied by a legal guardian or have proof of emancipation. There is currently no age limit for rental in the city.

Aztec workers say they crack down on underage alcohol use. They say the restrictions would cause them to lose business, as renters under the age of 21 will look for rooms elsewhere.

“I’ve never seen security like us, constantly walking on walkie-talkies,” says Joanne. “The kids are really good. They are there to have fun. They’re at the beach doing their thing. They are not there to sit in this hotel and drink.

Nick Dionisio, owner of Park Seafood, is in favor of the measure. But also says that parents must get involved.

“If the parents are really okay with them coming here, then maybe they should book two rooms. One for the parents, one for the children, ”he says.

Potential tenants under the age of 18 say the idea of ​​not being able to book a room on prom night and graduation day to tackle underage drinking is irrational and unrealistic.

“You can’t stop it anyway, and these hotels have to make their money,” said Dennis Krouney, who is against the plan.

Officials are expected to start discussing the proposal as early as next week. News 12 New Jersey contacted them for comment, but had no response.


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