RoomRocket, the world’s leading clearinghouse for B2B hotel reservations, launches REG D 506c crowdfunding campaign

RoomRocket is a technology company that enables B2B buyers and hotel suppliers to bypass middlemen, connecting hotel suppliers and buyers.

RoomRocket provides a solution for both hotel buyers and hotel suppliers at all levels, delivering value to travel industry participants of varying sizes and geographic locations.

— Bill Guerin

SAUSALITO, CALIFORNIA, USA, March 16, 2022 / — RoomRocket is a technology company that enables B2B buyers and hotel suppliers to bypass middlemen, connecting hotel suppliers and buyers through their global clearinghouse. The company addresses the need for a standardized global financial settlement service and an open marketplace within the hospitality industry. Through the use of technology provided by RoomRocket, distribution costs are reduced, risks are mitigated and the complexity of existing processes is eliminated. The company is asking for up to $3,000,000 in accredited investors as part of its Security and Exchange Commission REG D 506c offering.

RoomRocket is a network model, establishing buyers worldwide.
Before the creation of RoomRocket, there was no standardized financial settlement between B2B players. Transactions relating to the reservation of hotel rooms between buyers and suppliers of hotels in the travel industry have been conventionally processed with traditional bank transfers, letters of credit, single and virtual payment cards, credit cards, deposits and individually negotiated contracts. “This method of managing transactions within the global hotel market has proven to be cumbersome, expensive, and also subject to a wide range of differences in culture, time zones, and language barriers,” says RoomRocket CEO Bill Guerin. RoomRocket provides a solution for hotel buyers and hotel suppliers at all levels, delivering value to travel industry participants of varying sizes and geographic locations, resulting in smoother transactions, enhanced security and a much higher level of profitability for all participants. »

Hotel suppliers also benefit from additional revenue by using RoomRocket, a new booking channel. Dave Kuhn, Marketing Director, adds, “In addition, there is a better pricing opportunity with reduced administrative and distribution costs, as well as the elimination of fixed marketing costs. Hotel suppliers obtain settlement of transactions in the currency of their choice. This translates into improved margins of up to 40%. Hotel suppliers via this platform will greatly benefit from signing a single commercial contract to reach all of the B2B buyers in their network.

“There are also countless benefits for hotel buyers,” says Kuhn. Hotel buyers will benefit from enhanced revenue opportunities with their assured margins, mitigating the risk of fraudulent transactions. “Buyers will also benefit from a better price opportunity, reduced administration and no commission or collection costs. This translates into an improvement in the estimated profitability margin in the range of 20% to 50%. The cash flow is an obvious improvement for buyers who will receive their commission at the start of the transaction.

The global clearing house provided by RoomRocket allows hotel buyers to access a global settlement platform which does not exist today on the world market. Quite simply, hotel buyers will benefit from an enhanced range of international products through the unique commercial agreement provided by RoomRocket, providing greater reach to all suppliers, with a lower level of risk for each transaction. RoomRocket’s booking platform is connected to hospitality providers who manage properties and descriptions, as well as terms of sale. Reservations are processed and paid directly through the RoomRocket platform.

Simply, thanks to the platform provided by RoomRocket, the possibility of collecting payments for reservations by bank transfer or local card acceptance, exists; then the supplier to the hotel, elsewhere in the world, receives the funds by wire transfer in their preferred local currency, at no additional cost to the hotel.

The $3 million raise through RoomRocket’s REG D 506c campaign will result in the completion of the technology platform for the launch of the service in the UK, with the inclusion of the European Union travel industry as a logical next step. As the network expands, the sales, leverage, visibility, and opportunities that hotel suppliers and buyers receive also increase.

At launch, RoomRocket will provide access to over 250,000 hotel properties. The team behind RoomRocket has extensive experience and connections within the global travel industry market, possessing capability, as well as a proven track record with large-scale e-commerce projects.

CEO Bill Guerin is a serial technology entrepreneur with significant experience in the travel and hospitality industry. Among his earlier successes was a computer systems integration company, Marathon Systems, Inc, which he founded and which achieved INC 500 status before a successful sale to Lotus Development Corporation. Dave Kuhn, CMO and Co-Founder is a senior travel operations executive in product development, marketing, hotel distribution, and project management with over 25 years of experience in technology environments. Brad Schneider, CTO, has a proven track record in large-scale e-commerce projects. He led the strategic direction of technology for, Hilton and Saber. Dan Moore, CFO and Co-Founder, has served as a senior finance executive as a corporate controller, chief financial officer, and director of internal audit at hospitality companies such as Ritz Carlton and Sage Management.

Those wishing to contact the founders of RoomRocket for more information, please contact [email protected] The campaign, open to qualified investors, can be viewed here:

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