Non-standard regional hotel reservations


As the long weekend approaches, the latest data from the South Australia Tourism Commission shows South Australians continue to support local operators at unprecedented levels.

  • Housing occupancy in the city and region saw sharp increases for December 2020, with equivalent – or drastic – bookings for the same period in 2019, ahead of the COVID and pre-Black Summer bushfires.
  • Figures provided by STR Global for December 2020 show that the occupancy rate in the South Australia region reached 60 percent – the highest on record in December, and an increase from December 2019 ( 55 percent).
  • Overnight stays in the regions were also the highest on record in December, reaching 114,000, up 8% from the previous year (106,000).
  • Adelaide hotels recorded 82% occupancy on New Years Eve 2020 – the highest since the start of the pandemic. The next day, a new symbolic record was set, with New Year’s Day 2021 having a higher occupancy rate than New Year’s Day 2020 (78% and 72% respectively).

Prime Minister Steven Marshall said the latest data shows government support for the sector is working.

“A strong tourism sector means more jobs across our state,” Premier Marshall said.

“Despite the enormous challenges that South Australia’s tourism industry has faced over the past 12 months, they have weathered the storm in a remarkable way.

“Thank you to all the South Australians who have come out to support our regional tourism areas in particular – it is amazing to see records broken in this vital area for our state, as the CBD is also experiencing a real recovery.

“This data shows that the work we do to promote our regions, the Great State Voucher campaigns, and the support we have provided through our $ 10,000 small business grants are making a huge difference to our local tourism industry.”

South Australia Tourism Commission chief executive Rodney Harrex said the result was exceptional.

“Tourism operators in South Australia are incredibly resilient in the face of bushfires, drought and a global pandemic,” said Mr. Harrex.

Despite all of these challenges, regional hotel reservation data for December 2020 not only broke COVID recovery records, but all-time records as well.

“Thank you to all the South Australians who do their part for our visitor economy and spend their vacations at home. Thank you for traveling to our beautiful regions and spending your hard earned money with local businesses. It means a lot to our operators and to the lifeblood of our communities. “

The momentum continued through January 2021 with heavy hotel occupancy in Adelaide immediately following the launch of the second round of the Great State Vouchers on January 5.

Advance bookings due to the voucher program have been incredibly strong, and data for the week following the launch of the Grand State Bonds almost tripled the number of new bookings received by our hotels compared to the previous week. These bookings lasted until the end of March, encouraging travelers to book well in advance and giving our hotels the cash they need so much.

Data from January 8, 2021 indicates a hotel occupancy rate of 75%, compared to 73% at the same period last year.

Mr Harrex said more than 18,000 reservations have been made with government vouchers and nearly 5,000 rooms already registered for their stay.

“The response to the coupons has been overwhelming with strong forward bookings through the end of March,” he said.

“I encourage anyone who has a voucher and has not yet made a reservation to go online, check out the great deals and book by January 31st. There are hundreds of offers across South Australia and plenty of availability, especially for midweek bookings, you really are spoiled for choice.

South Australians have until January 31, 2021 at 11:59 p.m. ACDT to redeem their Great State Voucher for travel until March 31, 2021.

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