Myrtle Beach City Council imposes restrictions on hotel reservations; fun to close | New

Myrtle Beach City Council voted on Thursday to implement restrictions on hotels and similar properties and shut down entertainment due to the coronavirus outbreak.

“We need to protect our community,” Mayor Brenda Bethune said in an emergency meeting held via teleconference.

Under the new rules, city accommodation companies, including hotels, motels, condos, rental properties and campgrounds, cannot accept reservations or extend current reservations for a period of time. prior to May 1, with immediate effect. Restrictions are subject to change.

Existing bookings made Saturday through April 30 must be rescheduled or canceled, and guests staying at these properties must vacate them by noon on Sunday.

Anyone hosted in these companies since March 1 is exempt, although they are asked not to be joined by visitors.

And all city entertainment designed to attract or accommodate visitors, including theaters, golf courses, moped and golf cart rental businesses, theme parks, and arcade arcades must close. , starting Friday.

As city leaders are able to institute changes for Myrtle Beach, Bethune is hoping for more consistency across the state.

She said in an interview that the city would continue to urge SC Gov. Henry McMaster’s office to issue a statewide ordinance “so that everything is consistent across the board.”

“We have to be consistent,” she said. “It has to be fair in all areas… so that we all work under the same set of rules in order to be effective. “

Residents of Myrtle Beach are urged to continue to wash their hands frequently, sanitize surfaces that could lead to the spread of the coronavirus, and follow strict social distancing procedures.

Myrtle Beach businesses that remain open are urged to step up sanitation and disinfection measures recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the State Department of Health and Environmental Control, and to put these procedures are visible to employees.

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