Maldives Police Investigate Multiple Cases of Fraudulent Hotel Reservations



The Maldives Police Service (MPS) has started investigating cases of tourists brought to the Maldives under false reservations.

While accommodation arrangements for tourists arriving in the Maldives must be submitted to Maldives Immigration through their portal, the problems of many bookings made at one location, committing fraudulent bookings and tourists having to quarantine themselves at citizens’ homes. have surfaced.

The MPS media manager said issues regarding fraudulent bookings have been reported and are currently under investigation.

The issues are believed to be investigated by the Economic Crime Department of the Police.

As numerous cases have been reported of tourists violating Covid-19 protocols while in the island nation on vacation, the Tourism Ministry has also launched a special inspection.

There are currently a total of 27 tourists, including children, under government authority due to be brought to the Maldives as part of fraudulent bookings and the person behind this scheme has been arrested.

In addition, there was recently an issue of 189 Indians brought to the Maldives having booked the same four rooms in a guesthouse.


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