Letters to the Editor — Canada Fights Back, Short Term Rentals, Super Bowl, DART

The Canadian does not like interference

Please tell Senator Ted Cruz that we, who live peacefully and freely in Canada, do not need or appreciate his interference in our affairs. It seems to me that America has enough of its own problems, some of which were caused by Cruz. We don’t need him fanning the flames of division and hatred based on a false narrative.

The vast majority of eligible Canadians are vaccinated and fully support the vaccination mandates that protect us all. Approximately 90% of Canadian truckers are vaccinated. Here in Canada, we are more free than free to do what we want, when we want.

These protesters don’t face reality and don’t care about any of us.

Cruz seeks to stoke the same evil forces that stormed your Capitol on January 6, 2021, on the false narrative that your election was stolen. Give me strength.

We are Canada, the true North, strong and free. We don’t need Cruz telling us what to do.

Rick Baker, Victoria, Canada

Short-term rentals have problems

Re: “Short-term rentals could help fund the arts – Dallas can collect more hotel occupancy taxes by working with platforms like Airbnb and VRBO”, by Tom Leppert, Opinion, February 5.

Leppert touts the benefits of the occupancy tax for local cultural organizations while not acknowledging that it’s not even close to the only problem. I was in the lakefront vacation rental business for 14 years in another state. I spoke with each potential tenant to ensure it was understood that I was not running a party house and that disturbing neighbors was grounds for losing their substantial deposit. None of these platforms do anything other than post reviews.

I’ve seen firsthand what lack of or poor regulation can do to a neighborhood in terms of property values, stability, and quality of life for current neighbors. Does Leppert think this is a zero-sum game? Increased funding for cultural organizations compensates for the loss of what brought people to the neighborhood in the first place?

The “I can do what I want with my property” attitude would be stopped dead in its tracks by allowing neighbors to party all the time if only landlords understood the risks of a lack of regulation. The “balance” between property rights and safety and security may not exist.

Barbara Clay, East Dallas

Let’s do the Super Bowl on Saturday

The National Football League missed a huge opportunity when it moved the bye week back ahead of the Super Bowl in 2004, that the game should be played on Saturday. The Monday after the Super Bowl is notorious for sick calls to work or massive employee unproductivity due to hangovers and the like. Move it to Saturday.

Ronny Glockzin, Arlington

Super Bowl hopes rise

Since I refuse to watch or endorse the Olympics from communist China, a country with a terrible human rights record, I decided to tune in to the National Football League Pro Bowl because some of our Dallas Cowboys made the team. What an absurd farce it has become with these great football players who basically play patty with each other. I really hope Super Bowl Fashion is a much better game!

Anton Skell, Plano

No Trump papers, no library?

Regarding the former president’s habit of tearing up papers, does that mean that there will be no presidential library because there will be no documents?

Connie J. McFalls, Irving

January 6 comparisons

Thus, the Republican Party voted that the Capitol riot on January 6 was just one example of legitimate political speech. Using these standards, I assume Republicans would consider a bank robbery a normal banking transaction.

Steve Turek, Rockwall

What happened to the UN?

The UN was created to maintain international peace and security. Why has the UN not been involved with Ukraine and Russia to prevent war between member countries? If the UN does not interfere, what is the basis of their existence?

Eric Hohn, North Dallas

Newspaper rack delivered

During the February 3 storm, my Dallas Morning News was delivered before 6am. On February 4, I did not expect delivery due to icy roads. However, between 3 and 5 p.m. the newspaper was delivered by my dedicated carrier, David Fleming. Exceptional service. (PS, I didn’t receive any US mail those days.)

William Sullivan, Plano

DART let us down before

Re: “DART drops runners”, by Frank E. Jennings, Wednesday Letters.

Jennings wrote, “In my 23 years of service at DART, we have never suspended service because of a ‘little bit of ice or snow’: Not so. I clearly remember trying to get to work on the DART Green Line on February 2-3, 2011. Dozens of people stood with me waiting for a train for hours. We had all bought tickets, but there were no trains on both days. Worse still, there was no communication from the DART. The website had no alert. “Information Phone” at the station only gave a busy signal. A DART truck appeared at the station, but when approached by “riders” they quickly drove off.

This told me that DART doesn’t care about its runners. I’ve learned that I can’t rely on DART to get me working. A story in The Dallas Morning News pointed out that the same type of train used in cold Colorado had never been stopped or delayed by snow or ice.

Since 2011, DART has improved in communicating delays or stoppages to passengers. It is good that there has been some progress. I’ve ridden DART a lot since then, but I know not to try it in bad winter weather.

Mark WalbergCarrollton

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