Last minute hotel deals? Try these five apps

Hotel tonight

When you want something fancy or fancy, try Hotel tonight. The list of properties is small – think of it as a curated list of the best available – and broken down into different categories: Trendy, Charming, Luxurious, Solid, and Basic, the latter two being reserved for more common stays (think DoubleTree). A same-day search for April 3 found the Broadview Hotel, a Toronto hot spot, for $ 272, compared to $ 361 for direct bookings.

Hot wire

Ready to take a little risk? Hot wire shows you a list of properties, with the star rating, amenities, and neighborhood for each. The catch is, you don’t know exactly where to book until you make a non-refundable payment. Hotwire offers more clues now – pick a property and it often tells you which one the last person got – and if you book a night, you can usually add more after the reveal. What was likely, the Broadview was listed for $ 281.

Price line

Price line is best known for its “Name Your Own Price” gadget, which allows travelers to blind bid on properties. Unlike Hotwire, you don’t have a list to choose from – you just pick your criteria and price and hope for the best. That option still exists – and offers some great deals – but Priceline now promotes Express Deals, which save up to 60% on unnamed hotels. It’s similar to Hotwire, but the variety isn’t as good. The Broadview did not appear.

The beauty of is that it offers a wide variety of accommodation. Often – especially in Europe – these will be independent guesthouses and BnBs that don’t appear on other online travel agencies. In small communities, it can work when all hope is lost. By signing up for the free Genius loyalty program, you get discounts after only two stays in two years; the Broadview hotel came in at $ 36 less with the membership price (for $ 327). makes the cut as it sometimes shows availability for properties that are listed as sold elsewhere – even on their own websites. So if you have a particular place at heart, check here before you give up, even if you might not get the best deal. (The Broadview arrived at $ 326.) The loyalty program is also good: after 10 bookings, you get a free night at qualifying properties (value up to the average price of your previous bookings).

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