Ketchum takes one step closer to regulating short-term rentals | Business

Members of Ketchum city council took one more step on Monday towards new regulations for short-term rentals in the city.

The council has completed the second of three mandatory readings of a draft ordinance that requires rental operators to obtain a municipal permit and imposes new fire safety and maintenance standards. The ordinance “provides the city with reasonable regulatory procedures to protect the health, safety and well-being of short-term guests, neighboring residents and the public,” the document said.

Barring unexpected obstacles, the ordinance will be read one last time and then signed by the mayor at the next municipal council meeting on January 18.

In the ordinance, short-term rentals are defined as “any single-family house or individual or collective housing unit or any unit or group of units in a condominium, cooperative or timeshare, or occupied residential house. by residents that is offered for a fee and for 30 days or less.

By requiring a municipal permit, the ordinance will allow the city to better monitor and regulate the ever-expanding short-term rental market, which, for the purposes of the proposed law, does not include hotel room rentals. . It includes an additional review and approval process for short-term rental properties that will accommodate 20 or more guests.

The second reading was approved by a 2-0 vote. Council members Courtney Hamilton and Jim Slanetz did not vote. Hamilton was out and Slanetz abstained due to a potential conflict of interest as he owns several short-term rentals in town. ??

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