Is it worth the money you’ll save?

Bigger is better – or is it? Instead of renting a large vacation home by the beach or in the national park, how about the opposite? Is it worth renting a small house once in a while? Assuming one is not traveling with a family (and especially a large family), a stay in a tiny house can be very fulfilling and charming. Sometimes it’s good to be minimalist.

Treehouses are often quaint tiny homes that are perfect for spending the summer with your partner for some romantic time together. Another time you might be tempted to book a Tiny House is when looking for more authentic rustic cabin accommodation.

Why Choose Tiny House Accommodation

It is not necessarily certain that a small house will in fact be cheaper than a regular house. If it is only a small accommodation, it may be cheaper. But very often tiny houses are more unique and works of art and therefore may not be cheaper at all.

Ingenuity with tiny accommodations can include potato houses, small rustic cabins, cave accommodations, treehouses, flying saucer treehouses, treehouses shaped like a bird’s nest, igloo accommodations and much more.

So when you are considering having a tiny house, you might consider booking one because it is cheaper (like a studio) or a piece of art.

Reasons to book a Tiny House:

  • To save money
  • Enjoy a charming work of art

Sure, a tiny house probably won’t work well if you have a family, but if you’re traveling alone can be compliant as a couple, it can be romantic.

  • Point: Do not book a small house with children
  • Small Artistic Houses: Accommodation Cave, Treehouses, Rustic Cabins

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Examples of Tiny Houses for Rent

Often tiny homes are boutique and unique, they are often very different from normal accommodations and offer a very new experience.

Idaho’s Big Potato Hotel

The Big Idaho Potato Hotel is a prime example of where the state of Idaho lives up to its potato stereotype and has even turned a giant potato into a cozy getaway for two. This 6-ton potato traveled by tractor-trailer through 48 states to celebrate Idaho’s potato heritage.

Now it sits on 400 acres of farmland just south of Boise. It has been styled and now has the comforts of home, including a bespoke bed. A thermal retreat is just opposite in an adapted silo where you can contemplate the stars.

  • Bed: A queen-size bed
  • Price: $250.00 per night plus cleaning fee and tax

The Glass House in Upstate New York

This gorgeous and beautifully designed tiny glass house in New York is nestled amongst orchards, vineyards and wildlife. It is only 180 square feet but has all the mod cons of home (air conditioning, kitchen, WiFi). With large windows surrounding the queen bed on three sides, this is one of the most romantic and charming places to spend the night watching the snow fall in winter.

  • Location: About 90 minutes from New York
  • Bed: A queen-size bed

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Little cabin in North Carolina

If one goes to the desert and looks for a cabin. Put the cabin back in the cabin. In the days of the pioneers, cabins were always small – not the large suburban homes that pass for cabins today. This tiny North Carolina cabin nestled in the woods offers rustic living spaces with two full bedrooms. It manages to save its space to prove a living room, a bathroom and a screened porch.

The forest and the pond are within walking distance for an exploration and offer a vacation in a small wooded house.

  • Rooms: Two bedrooms, living room, bathroom, porch

The Treehouses of Harold Sweden

In Sweden, Harold’s has 7 unique tree houses to discover. They are located in the mystical lands of far northern Sweden, Lapland, and include the Bird’s Nest, UFO, Mirrorcube, Cabin, 7th Hall, Dragonfly, and Blue Cone.

The Bird’s Nest and the UFO attract particular attention. There may not be a lot of space in the rooms, but they are certainly worth it for this unique experience.

UFO Hut:

  • Ability: 2 adults and 3 children (or little green men)
  • Price for two: 4,700 SEK ($550) (seasonal price)

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