How to get secret hotel deals they don’t advertise online

The NEXT time you book a vacation, you should pick up the phone instead of heading to your laptop.

Hotels may offer you additional discounts if you call them directly – with some deals they can’t offer online.


You might end up with a room upgrade, but not if you book onlineCredit: © Bevan Cockerill. All rights reserved.

It’s unlikely that some of the biggest and lavishest hotel chains will be able to post cheap deals online to avoid damaging their luxury resort image.

However, calling them may get you a bigger deal than usual, as they are looking to fill rooms post-lockdown.

Jane Pendlebury, CEO of The Hospitality Professionals Association (HOSPA), told Sun Online Travel how to find a great deal or get a free upgrade when you want to book a hotel stay.

She explained: ‘Families should look where they want to go and just call the hotel – they may have some great deals that they can’t publicize but can give you.’

“You won’t find many big names offering deals in the public space as they don’t want to harm their brand or bring their rates back to normal, but if you call them you can always get something even better. .”

Television travel expert Peter Greenberg agreed, telling Forbes: “Only 52% of all available inventory is online – it’s only there when travel suppliers want to make it available.

“Pick up the phone, have this conversation […] what you see on your screen is not what they see on their screen.”

One Which? A 2020 study found that eight out of 10 rooms were cheaper if you went directly to the hotel’s website.

By contacting hotels directly to book a room, some have even offered free upgrades or inventive breakfasts, as well as discounts on spa treatments.

This is because they have to pay between 10 and 30% commission to booking sites for every booking that goes through them – a big part of their income.

However, if you book directly with the hotel, all payment is theirs.

That means they’re much more likely to be generous with upgrades, WiFi, and all the other add-ons.

A secret former hotel guest has revealed the three tricks he used to get a free hotel upgrade.

The call could get you all kinds of hotel discounts


The call could get you all kinds of hotel discountsCredit: Getty – Contributor

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