launches website for space hotel bookings … Someday


We’ve seen the future of hospitality – and that doesn’t include masks. Or human interaction at all, since janitors will be AI and room service will be robots. As part of National Aviation Week, started imagining what space hotels of the distant future could look like, in an effort to raise awareness of the space tourism industry and the role the company is hoping for. playing to connect future space tourists with the theoretical myriad of space hotel options that we will one day have to choose from.

The new site, “One Small Step for Hotels,” definitely takes some liberties with the possibilities of future space hospitality based on existing technology and, well, physics, but it’s fun to dream about. Imaginative technicolor mockups on the site show what hotel life might be like in space: dresses inspired by spacesuits, moon slippers and robots with anti-gravity trays delivering your “cosmic cosmos” or “Martian Martinis”.

“ is proud to already offer the best properties on planet Earth. The way things are going in 2020 has inspired us to see if we can expand this offering across the galaxy, ”said Josh Belkin, vice president of global branding at “This announcement is our hope to encourage and advance the concept of space tourism, while rekindling enthusiasm for this aspect of the travel industry which is sure to occur in the near future.”

As part of the campaign, is also offering $ 250 gift certificates (valid for land stays only) to the lucky 20 who submit their information on the website verifying that their legal name includes one of the eight planets. (Sorry for all of you with “Pluto” in your name!)

More seriously, is appealing to hoteliers planning interstellar accommodation to cooperate as soon as they are ready to accept reservations. It will certainly be easier to book a multi-million dollar stay on one of the many space hotel concepts through than to coordinate with Roscosmos to stay aboard the International Space Station (your only “hotel” option. current spatial).

Future space hotel concepts include Orion Span’s’ Aurora Station ‘(initially slated for launch in 2021, but no updates since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic) and the’ Von Braun Rotating Space Station From the Gateway Foundation – a space cruise ship of sorts that aims to open by 2027.

Without a doubt, the future will look like the creative graphics on and in the renderings of space hotels that we’ve seen popping up over the past decade – but it will also likely bring a fantastic new future that we can’t even imagine. correctly. now in 2020.

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