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If this year has worn you out and you need a little helping hand before Christmas starts, join the club. 2021 seems to have passed in the blink of an eye and has left us want to, and now we’re back and working from the office again – a bit – I think it’s safe to say we all need a good vacation. Of course, we have the holiday season to save money, which immediately prompted me to look hotel deals for the last minute winter holidays.

In addition to all the discount codes we have on hand, lined up and ready to use every time you book a vacation, not just the last minute ones, I found 11 hotel deals in the UK and across abroad. Now that travel restrictions have been virtually lifted, there’s nothing stopping us from hopping on a plane for a weekend in a European city.

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The prospect of sun or heat has diminished (unless you’re going very far), so you’ll still need to pack your knits, coats, winter boots, and possibly a few scarves in your suitcase or weekend bag. Getting away from its four walls is what really makes it a vacation, not the time, and who doesn’t like to wrap up in a quilted coat while exploring a new town or city? currently offers a variety of hotels so I made sure to include all of the top rated ones. The Hotel H10 near London Waterloo is ideal for mini-city breaks in the capital, primarily for its location but also for its city views and modern interiors. Right now you can get a Lambeth View Double or Twin Room for just £ 243 instead of the usual £ 285 – what are you waiting for?

Elsewhere, you could save up to 50% on last minute deals at Expedia through our Expedia discount codes. Book a two night stay in either Dunstane Houses in Edinburgh for £ 556 instead of £ 618, or Marine & Spa North Berwick for £ 440 instead of £ 518. Good deal!

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If you’d rather go beyond our own shores, then look to You can book a trip to sunny Spain and stay at Seventy Barcelona from £ 106 instead of the usual £ 145, a chic stay in Paris at Maxim Latin Quarter for £ 76 instead of £ 84, or a Rome vacation to Hotel Gioberti from £ 86 instead of £ 94.

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Take advantage of the best hotel deals we’ve found below for a last minute trip this year. Safe travel!

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