Hotel Deals: How To Save Money By Booking Rooms


Know the price trends of the region

The best price for your city depends on where you’re staying, says Meitis. “Business cities like New York and Washington tend to have higher rates during the week when business travelers are more likely to stay than on weekends when leisure travelers can come to town,” he said. “Orlando and Miami, on the other hand, are more likely to have lower rates during the week.” If you’re stuck on certain dates, figure out which areas of the city you can expect low fares in, suggests Bino Chua, founder of the travel blog. I wander. For example, the French Quarter in New Orleans can be pricey on weekends, but a 15-minute walk to the downtown business district will offer significantly better prices, he says. Check out the 12 best off-season travel deals you can book now.


Consider alternatives

If you are traveling with a group, you might be better off splitting the price of a vacation home instead of shell out for individual rooms. “Dividing the cost of a three- or four-bedroom house where you don’t have to eat out three meals a day can make a huge difference to your budget,” Meitis explains. (Don’t do these 14 mistakes when booking a vacation rental!) If you’re traveling solo or as a couple, consider a hostel, suggests Elizabeth. And no, they are not intended for only twenty backpackers. Some hostels offer private rooms with their own bathroom at a lower rate than a standard hotel.

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