Holiday rentals in Mallorca: 75% “will disappear”

The Habtur Holiday rents The association argues that the decree-law for the circularity and sustainability of tourism will lead to the “medium-long term disappearance” of some 90,000 accommodation places.

Habtur president Toni Barceló on Monday accused the Balearic government of acting “in secret” in approving the decree. He requested that the holiday rental sector, made up mainly of small owners, benefit from the same treatment as large hotel chainsthe main beneficiaries of the decree-law.

He explained that when a place of hotel accommodation is written off, it go to a swimming pool and can then be acquired. He wants a similar “rotation” for vacation rentals. Accepting that some places may become “inactive”, he nevertheless argued that it would be unfair for 90,000 places to end up being lost. If owners opt for a change in use of their property, vacation rental locations are no longer permitted or available.

“In the medium to long term there will be a total disappearance of the sector,” he said, adding that vacation rental has allowed properties to remain in Mallorcan hands and not be acquired by foreignerswhat he fears as a result of the decree.

Eugenia Cusí, president of the association of restaurants within the Pimem federation of associations of small and medium enterprises, supported Barceló. She observed that “once again a sector of small business is harmed for the benefit of large hotel companies”.

Biel Rosales, from the Association of Tourist Guides, pointed out that vacation rental tourists are, in general, the type of “quality tourists” that the government is supposedly trying to attract with its reforms.

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