Croatian tourism year 2022 is promising with an increase in hotel bookings in April

November 21, 2021 – The Croatian tourist year 2022 is already promising, with hotel bookings and an increase in flights from April.

Slobodna Dalmacija writes that although it seems that everything related to tourism in Croatia for this year is over and the accounts are complete, tourism professionals are not sleeping. This winter, fortunately, is busy. Parts of the season are already showing bookings up 20% from previous years, and the most sought after are vacation homes and five-star hotels. Educated by high demand last summer, tourists have accelerated their decision to travel next year and are already booking their trip to the Adriatic to make sure there are enough beds. There is currently no lack of optimism but also caution among tourism professionals.

Even in the midst of the quieter fall months, bookings are slowly coming in for 2022, occupancy calendars are filling up, and everyone involved in sales needs to set a sales strategy, pricing, and bookings for 2022.

Prices have gone from low to high over the past year, which has not gone unnoticed by customers. However, international partners have already regulated capacities and prices on the Adriatic with large hotel systems, while the large Internet platforms and agencies through which private rental companies work already know their prices for the next season.

“In planning the tourism year 2022, we must be careful and intelligent in pricing policy; do not get carried away by this year’s demand because each following year is a new story that begins from the beginning. What we did in 2021 is one thing, at one point we were practically the only Mediterranean country we could travel to, whereas what awaits us in 2022 is a lot of question marks and questions. ‘unknown. And we have a tendency to take off, to convince ourselves that we are the best and the most wanted, and to adjust the prices accordingly. But, that does not work, this year the customers saw our weaknesses, lack of manpower, improvisations, less good service. The best service in the highest accommodation categories is always the most sought after and the fastest to book. Still, that’s not even 10% of our capacity, as most hotels and family accommodations are in the mediocre category and want high prices. This will not work in 2022, ”said a long-time hospitality professional. on the heart rental situation.

According to the latest study from the European Travel Commission (ETC), 66% of Europeans plan to travel by March 2022. For the first time in a year, travel plans are spread evenly over the next six months. Recent research shows that after sacrificing socialization, travel, and fun for a long time, travelers want to make up for time they haven’t been able to spend on vacation in the past two years. If something doesn’t change due to the pandemic, business plans indicate hotels on the Adriatic will open in April 2022, when the first many rotations of air travel from Europe are announced.

The current interest in Croatia was confirmed at the world’s largest WTM tourism fair recently held in London, where airlines announced new routes and increased routes to Croatia next year.

“We have received some excellent announcements for next year from representatives of, our most important partners in the UK market, which brings us the largest number of UK tourists with TUI. In addition, partners for next year are announcing increased demand for Croatia and more airlines. Nevertheless, we all have an important task because the basic prerequisite for a successful tourist season will be a stable epidemiological situation ”, underlines the director of the CNTB, Kristjan Stanicic, announcing other promotional activities and projects aimed at positioning Croatia as a safe tourist destination with a rich offer.

Richard Owens, Business Development Manager at easyJet, says they have achieved great results in Croatia this year and have almost completely returned to 2019 trends. As a result, they plan to increase capacity and introduce new flights. to Croatia next year. At the same time, Frank Broersen of TUI expresses his satisfaction with the demand for Croatia, expecting the positive trends to continue and the recovery of the tourism market to continue next year.

This current good position of Croatia in the tourist market will seek to be confirmed in 2022, but many circumstances will undoubtedly be more unfavorable for Croatia. Currently, Spain, France, Italy and Greece, which recorded a massive drop in tourist traffic last summer, are recovering rapidly. Moreover, with a growing number of Europeans vaccinated and compulsory Covid passports, which will be almost ubiquitous in the travel industry in 2022, their expectations are high to bring back travelers, especially those who have discovered Croatia as a replacement for these tourist superpowers.

“Preparations for the next tourism year have started. From today’s perspective, it is quite clear that in 2022, security will be one of the critical conditions when choosing a travel destination, while the fulfillment of the season will largely require the provision of a quality workforce. In these years of crisis, we have superior facilities to achieve better results. Yet people are essential to maintain Croatia’s status as a high-quality destination in the Mediterranean, ”said Veljko Ostojic, director of the Croatian Tourism Association.

According to the eVisitor system, 683,000 customer arrivals were recorded in October, with 2.2 million overnight stays. Since the playoffs were halted last year due to a significant deterioration in the epidemiological situation, the numbers for October this year are higher than last year. Compared to the 2019 record, the number of tourist arrivals in October of this year is 61% of the October 2019 results, while the number of overnight stays is 70% compared to October 2019. During the first week of November, 31,649 foreign tourists stayed. in Croatia, with national hosts from Austria (4,980) and Germany (4,004), which totaled 122,656 overnight stays.

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