Containment, another blow for accommodation hotels – TAA


The country’s leading tourist accommodation organization said extending closures in greater Sydney and restrictions in other parts of New South Wales would be a devastating blow to accommodation hotels barely making it through to survive.

Tourism Accommodation Australia NSW CEO Michael Johnson said hotels were empty, with actual occupancy rates in Sydney below 2%, as bills continue to roll in.

He said staff were fired with little support and many were starting to shy away from the industry altogether.

“This is yet another blow to an already dire situation,” Mr Johnson said.

“Accommodation hotels lose millions of dollars every week and have little support to keep paying the bills and keep paying the staff.

“Hotels are already facing a skills shortage with no international students and no vacationer-workers and retaining our experienced staff is crucial if we are to organize any recovery. “

Mr Johnson said the worst blockage is that it destroys trust.

“The lockdowns create uncertainty well beyond the actual period of restriction,” he said.

“If people aren’t sure whether to book a trip and get to Sydney from the regions, the interstate and New Zealand, we have a long way to go to get out of this hole.

“Under the current lockdown, most hotels in Greater Sydney are closed or operating at less than 2% occupancy, with most staff having resigned,” he said.

“Those who managed to stay open saw their income drop 98% compared to the same period last month.”

Regional hotels and visitor economies are hit hard and completely missed the busy July school vacation period.

“TAA is still in contact with the state government for further support for these hotels,” Johnson said.

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