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Are cheap hotel deals getting harder and harder to find? There are good reasons why the cost of a night in a hotel may be higher right now – the energy priceloss of business due to the pandemic and increased demand – to name a few.

As a travel expert, I want to get my money’s worth – let’s face it, we all prefer to save to increase our souvenir spending budget!

Here I share with you my tips to avoid the horror of hotel charges.

How to get cheap hotel deals

Price comparison sites are a great way to find the cheapest deal, but it really pays to research several. Major sites like Kayak (opens in a new tab)Tripadvisor (opens in a new tab) and Trivago (opens in a new tab) have access to different booking sites, so take the time to check out a few.

But now, for the important extra step, armed with the cheapest deal, I’ll go directly to the hotel and ask if they can match the price.

It’s likely that a hotel will bite your hand to avoid paying commission to third-party sellers and booking direct can often ensure you get the best service and a few extra extras.

Join the hotel loyalty club and they will love you even more. I was offered free breakfast, free water (that’s something!) and even an upgrade.

This tip really paid off for a future trip to Lisbon. The hotel gladly matched my price and upgraded me to a junior suite instead of a standard double room. I’ve saved over £150 and can’t wait to drape myself on a plush sofa while enjoying enhanced views of the Tagus.

Location, location, location – can save you money

I always carefully consider the location of a hotel. Staying close to major attractions is convenient but usually comes with a higher price tag. Opt for accommodation a little out of the way with good transport links.

Not only will you save money, but you’ll often get a more authentic feel for a destination, experiencing it more like a resident – with cheaper bars and restaurants frequented by locals rather than tourists. I recently stayed in Vrilissia, a beautiful area outside of Athens, an easy 30 minute ride from the center. I saved a big chunk on hotel costs, made friends at a local tavern, and ate much cheaper and tastier food than anything in town.

Book a hotel and flight package

It’s tempting to book flights and hotels separately, but all too often it can be more expensive. Once I find a flight, I check how much it costs to add a hotel to the booking.

On my last trip to Madrid, one of my favorite European cities, I saved £105 per person, making the hotel virtually free compared to booking separately. This approach also rewards you with greater financial protections – if your flight is cancelled, you will also get a refund on accommodation – extremely important in these turbulent times!

In summary

So if you want to stretch your spending and get the best bed for your budget, you might want to try what I call the 4 C’s –

  • Compare the prices)
  • Communicate (directly with the hotel)
  • Route (to the center)
  • Consolidate (your travel and accommodation)

Have a good trip !

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