Casa Ojalá: Modular off-grid luxury accommodation for nature lovers

Most of us don’t mind being surrounded by pollution, noise, and all the other nasty things that happen in the urban jungle. Yet we also welcome any destination that takes you to the countryside or the great outdoors seems like a wonderful idea. Luxury resorts and hotels could soon offer accommodation with a natural atmosphere thanks to the Casa Ojalá hut.

This unique structure is perfect for people who want to disconnect and relax in a breathtaking location. Don’t be fooled by the minimalist presentation as it has everything to make your stay pleasant and memorable. The creatures’ comfort is intact with the help of modular magic.

The credit goes to the Italian architect Beatrice Bonzanigo for the design of the Casa Ojalá hut. Years after its debut at Milan Design Week 2019, a working model now stands in the hills above the Cappana vineyard. Also, for those who are wondering, you can travel to Tuscany, Italy to see it.

In partnership with Rosewood Castiglion del Bosco, they promote a new kind of experience. The one that involves scenic backdrops, fresh air, a backdrop of stars at night, and so much more. Guests have full control over their privacy thanks to the roll-up walls.

Wood, fabrics and stainless steel are the material of choice here. This allows the cabin to blend naturally into its background of trees, fields and the like. Casa Ojalá has been designed to maximize the limited space inside. The beds are under the mahogany floor of the raised structure.

Climb the ladder to access the rooftop terrace and admire the view. The Casa Ojalá cabin is fully customizable. Photovoltaic panels, rainwater harvesting and other sustainable features allow it to be installed somewhere off-grid. We want to see more concepts like these in the future.

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Images courtesy of Casa Ojalá

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