Apps for last minute hotel reservations

Last-minute hotel guests willing to try their luck get discounted luxury hotel accommodation through a mobile app called “One Night Standard”.

Targeting the young and the wealthy whose lives revolve around their mobile devices, the app allows users to book rooms at The Standard hotels, sometimes minutes before their stay, said Joey Jalleo, vice president of culture. and communications at The Standard.

The Standard High Line hotel was completely built in 2009. Rooms at this luxury hotel are available at a reduced rate through the One Night Standard app.

Source: The standard

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“People are a bit more spontaneous… and they’re a bit more free in terms of how they travel, how they book, where they stay and how they live their life and their travels, so we had to adapt to that” , Jalleo said in an interview with CNBC.

And booking through the One Night Standard app gives users the flexibility to get a large room at the price of the smallest room and pay less for any room than they would by booking well at the hotel. ‘advance, according to Jalleo.

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Typically, hotel reservation windows – the time between booking a room and actually staying at the hotel – have grown from months, weeks, or even days, according to Jalleo.

And it’s a trend that the biggest hotel booking sites have embraced as well.

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Hotel Tonight, for example, is an app that allows users to book on the day of their stay, or up to a week in advance, despite its name. Users can choose between basic or luxury hotel rooms at a variety of hotels around the world, according to the company’s website.

And Booking Now, an app affiliated with, a site owned by travel booking giant Priceline Group, operates Priceline’s global hotel network and 47 million hotel reviews, according to the company.

As part of their competitiveness, every business pushes the concept of ease of use, including the number of taps needed to reserve a room. Users can book a room in two taps using the One Night Standard and Booking Now apps, while it takes three taps and a swipe to book a room with Hotel Tonight, according to the companies.

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