All quarantined hotel bookings through ‘Discover Qatar’ canceled from April 29: Qatar Airways


The State of Qatar has imposed new entry requirements for passengers arriving from six countries – Bangladesh, India, Nepal, Pakistan, Philippines and Sri Lanka – with travelers from these countries having to enter extended periods of mandatory quarantine of 10 days.

Due to these new immediate requirements, Discover Qatar must, with regret, cancel all existing hotel reservations from customers, regardless of their country of origin, for Welcome Home quarantined accommodation from April 29 and any person holding a reservation will need to make a new reservation.

All customers will be refunded in full after cancellation and an email confirming this along with details on how they can book packages based on their country of origin. Unfortunately, due to the additional demand for quarantined accommodation, it may not be possible for customers to book the same previously selected accommodation, as many hotels will be allocated to travelers arriving from the specific six countries.

Discover Qatar deeply regrets the inconvenience this will cause to customers who have already made arrangements for quarantine, but there is a need to comply with the new entry requirements for Qatar introduced by the government in response to the changing international situation. . Due to the tight deadlines of the restrictions and the number of bookings involved, it is not possible to contact everyone individually to make alternate arrangements and customers can make their new arrangements online.

Mandatory quarantine is a requirement for passengers from the six countries arriving in Qatar as their final destination regardless of vaccination history or immunity against COVID-19. Maintaining public health and safety is the primary concern of Discover Qatar while accommodating those who need to travel within the country.

Strict hotel quarantine requirements continue to protect Qatar and its residents while easing the burden on medical staff and facilities by protecting them from further transmission of COVID-19.

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Source: Qatar Airways, CNA

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