Agoda responds to demand for last-minute hotel deals


Agoda has launched GoLocal Tonight across Asia Pacific to help accommodation partners capitalize on the growing post-pandemic trend of last-minute domestic bookings.

With the uncertainty of new epidemics, changes in health protocols and last-minute travel restrictions, Agoda data reveals a shift towards same-day record searches, and its product GoLocal Tonight seeks to exploit this demand by offering even greater savings.

Agoda targets new segment of travelers enticed by last-minute deals

“Covid has created a new category of travelers, who previously just spent time at home watching Netflix’s latest blockbuster, but who are now so driven by last-minute deals that they act on impulse for a change of scene, deciding the same day to book an overnight stay, ”explained Enric Casals, Regional Director Southeast Asia and Oceania, Agoda.

“The launch of the GoLocal Tonight product across Asia Pacific is helping hotel and accommodation partners access these travelers and use inventory that would otherwise go unused. In return, Agoda travelers receive additional discounts of up to 30% of their accommodation bookings.

Already, more than 2,000 partners have signed up for Agoda’s GoLocal Tonight campaign in Asia-Pacific markets, including Cambodia, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and the United States. Vietnam. Backed by a marketing campaign targeting customers via email marketing, PR and social media, along with an integrated app and dedicated BLT, the GoLocal Tonight product will roll out starting this month.

Agoda’s latest product is an extension of its GoLocal campaign which has helped drive domestic travel adoption across the globe throughout the past year.

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